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New Reveal on large scale murals!

Heart Berry's artist Howes spent much of 2020 early on working with the architecture team from DSGW and the Turtle Mountain Band to create a series of a large scale murals for their new water park.  We are so excited to reveal them alongside the team!  Ground has been broken on the facility and we cannot wait to see these in action.      More reveals to come. Miigwech to Kim Kroeker for her design assistance on this project and for DSGW Architecture's Michael Lavendure for bringing us into the team.  Nookomis and her girl also part of the largest mural yet to be revealed!  Stay Tuned!  

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Huge Project Sneak Peeks!

Nookomis and her girl. Every child wants to be loved in this way.  As I drew this I imagined the love that is transferred between generations.  The teachings and incredible gifts we have to give and receive.  We were so thrilled to be asked to be a part of the DSGW Architecture team this past year working on some very exciting and HUGE projects.  Miigwech to Michael Lavendure for believing we could pull this off. We are releasing some sneak peeks into the art for the set of murals we created for the Turtle Mountain Turtle Island space.  Ground has been broken on this new project and we want to thank Kim Kroeker for her design assistance on this project...

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Is that Heart Berry?

Seeing our art around?  Us too and its absolutely intoxicating.   PC Nedahness Greene And right now so much of it seems like no brainers.  Of course, there should be the art of the original people greeting visitors as they enter Duluth. But it takes the light shone by our mentors, like Louie Gong, to show us what we aren't seeing in the dark of the hustle.  "Louie has made me cry, more times than I would like to admit."  Heart Berry CEO, Howes admits "But everytime I listen, he's dead on.  And I know that he genuinely is invested in me."  Mentors hold us to a high standard because they can see it. So much has changed in such a...

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