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Native American Community Clinic Covid Vaccine Poster!

Heart Berry Artist Howes was asked, along with Dakota artist Marlena Myles, to create an image depicting how we protect the future.  The posters, and promotional materials created by the Native American Community Clinic in Minneapolis will promote the Covid-19 Vaccine for tribal communities.   "To be good relatives to our communities means taking care of ourselves on mental, physical and spiritual levels so that we can honor our elders' teachings and pass those down to the youth. We all are responsible for protecting our future generations by nurturing our youth and cherishing our elders through our own actions. This kind of compassion for others and ourselves is the blooming flower of life in each of us." Marlena Myles "I have...

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Heart Berry Collaborator Feature

Waabanangokwe, Michelle Defoe Moccasin apprentice, teacher, and Heart Berry collaborator shares about her experiences as a growing force in the art world Heart Berry is committed to building community, opportunity, and economic sovereignty.  One of the ways we do this is by sharing our table and our small pool of knowledge and resources with local artists and aspiring teacher. Read about Michelle's experience here:  "I started doing beadwork and other traditional arts around 12 years old. I began to dabble in painting and photography in high school. I also started to learn moccasin making, quillwork, blanket making, birch bark basket making, etc. during my young adult years. However these activities remained hobbies that I tried to sneak in between working,...

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